Natchurale Hair Replacement Works With Chemotherapy

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause
Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy drugs are meant to
attack cells, like cancer cells, that
grow rapidly. Unfortunately the
drugs do not discriminate and also
attack other cells that grow at
a fast rate, such as hair follicles.
These drugs can cause hair loss
not only on your scalp, but all
over your body. The occurrence of
hair loss varies depending on the
type of therapy you are receiving,
but is clearly the most commonly
feared side effect of the treatments.
Thankfully hair loss resulting
from chemotherapy is temporary,
and you can expect regrowth
from three to ten months
after your treatments have ended.

Can I Prevent Hair Loss During

There is no guaranteed method to prevent
hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.
Cryotherapy, or putting ice packs
on your scalp during treatments, is one
method doctors recommend to possibly
slow the process. This slows blood flow to
the scalp and makes the drugs less likely
to have an effect. The down side to this
technique is that it has been found to
cause a small risk of cancer recurrence in
your scalp due to the smaller dosage of
the drugs getting to that area, and for
that reason many people choose not to
take the chance.

There are many methods on the market to
help prevent hair loss, re-grow hair or
create thickness. Rogaine, Nioxin and
other treatments are not effective to prevent
hair loss, but they have been used as
an aid in the re-growth of hair after
treatment. Unfortunately the effectiveness
of this method is still unknown. In
the end, it is best to just be gentle with
your hair, protect your scalp, plan ahead
for how you will cover the loss and know
that it is just temporary!

How Can I Cope with Hair Loss During

It is best to plan ahead as to how you want to
handle the possible loss of your hair during
Chemotherapy treatments. Cutting your hair
before treatment may make the appearance of
thinning hair take longer to be noticed because
shorter hair always looks fuller and thicker.
Prior to treatment avoiding harsh dyes,
curling irons, rollers and blow drying in order
to make your hair stronger, may help it stay
intact longer. On the other hand, some patients
choose to simply shave their heads because
they find it more comfortable than the itching
and irritation associated with the treatments
and the hair loss itself, and feel it looks better
than the patchy appearance many people
experience along the way.

Many people simply choose to cover their
heads during treatment using scarves or wigs.
The downside to these options is that often
they can be hot, itchy and greatly limit the
activities you can participate in comfortably.
Natchurale’s hair replacement technique is an
ideal solution to these problems leaving you
feeling secure and comfortable.
After chemotherapy treatments it is always a
good idea to continue to take good care of your
scalp and be gentle with your hair in order to
help the re-growth process. Patience is going to
be important as regaining your hair will take
time and your hair will probably not feel or
look the same at first. You may have had
straight hair your entire life, but after
treatment you may end up having curly hair,
or possibly thicker or thinner density. Most of
all stay positive and know that in time your
hair will find a new normal on its own!


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