Natchurale Women’s Hair Health

As a woman, hair loss is something we all hope we don’t have to live with. Unfortu-nately the reality is almost forty percent of women will experience some level of hair loss in their lifetime. Many products and procedures promise a solution to this problem, but it can be stressful and con-fusing to decide on what’s right for you. Instead of using chemicals or undergoing a risky surgical procedure, why not try the Natchuràle hair replacement system with no risk at all!

The Natchuràle hair replacement system offers an undetectable, safe non-surgical solution that allows your scalp to remain completely visible as if you’re simply add-ing another layer of skin. You deserve to be comfortable having fingers run through your hair and knowing it feels real to the touch. The Natchuràle system contains 100% human hair allowing it to look and feel completely natural.

A beautiful head of hair gives women a sense of self confidence and pride. The Natchuràle hair replacement option requires only minimal upkeep to your existing hair and periodic maintenance to the system, and can give you the sense of assurance you’ve been looking for. Our system allows you to shower, swim, wash and comb normally as you would with your own head of natural hair!

If you’re ready to take the next step in solving your hair loss problems, Natchuràle can help! Our system is quick, painless and allows you to get back to your life the way you want to live it. Let us remind you what it is like to look at your hair in the mirror and be excited at what you see!

There is no reason to live without knowing if people are staring at your hair; it is because they want the name of your stylist!

Facts About Your Hair

Will cutting hair cause it to grow faster?

Cutting hair influences hair growth by trimming and strengthening broken ends to reduce breakage and allow hair to appear to grow faster.

Is it better to comb or brush your hair?

Combing is less detrimental than brushing.

What foods promote healthy hair?

Eating eggs, liver, kidneys, herring salmon and whole foods supports healthy hair growth. Eating carrots, green vegetables and foods rich in Vitamins C and D also promotes healthy hair growth.

How does normal aging affect hair?

Older people experience slower hair growth and diminished hair density.

How does gender affect hair?

Male hair is more dense and grows more quickly than female hair? (It figures!) Hair loss is universal. Male and female pattern baldness affects 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States alone.

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