How Does It Work?

At your consultation, Erin Nicole will ask you a series of questions not only about your hair, but also about your lifestyle. She’ll want to know what type of career functions you perform, if you’re an active parent, your level of exercise and sports involvement.

Erin will also inquire about your goals for hair replacement as each individual’s needs are personal and unique. Maybe you prefer a modern look with little up-keep. Some of you will like a look you can style. Whatever your needs, Erin is ready to listen!

Because each of us sees ourselves in a special way, Erin will help you determine the short and long term plan for your hair replacement goals. She’ll discuss the techniques available, time spans and up-keep with each of you.

Erin looks forward to meeting all of your hair replacement needs. She also works closely with other professionals, such as wellness experts, doctors, aestheticians and skin specialists to integratively approach your goals. She may also make a referral for you if she thinks you can benefit from one of these types of services.

Ready to feel and look like yourself again? Erin is ready to see you now!

Book an appointment by calling Erin today!

Phone: (619) 417-7146

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